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Choosing a Quality Hot Tub Cover - The Vapor Barrier
If you are indeed replacing your hot tub cover because your existing cover is water logged and weighs a ton, ensure the cover you ultimately choose provides the best water logging protection available. The hot tub cover industry calls the waterlogging protection feature the vapor barrier. It's called this because as the steam and vapors from the hot tub lift off the water, they eventually find their way into the cover. It is not, as commonly believed, to keep the rain and snow out of the cover.

The cover of a hot tub or spa acts the same as a cover for a boiling pot of water. The condensation on the lid is what the vapor seal protects against. It's also the most common reason why covers fail. The chemicals used in the tub to keep the water clear and clean will decay ANY material eventually. Also, the use of an ozonater can further contribute to the failure of a hot tub cover.

Most manufacturers fight this problem by making their vapor barriers thicker. The idea is the thicker the material, the longer it will take to decay through it. This is only one half of the story. There exists a manufacturer that is taking a different approach and taking advantage of an entirely new material, designed specifically to retard this decay. Unless you know which vapor barrier is used, you cannot accurately compare the vapor barrier by thickness alone from manufacturer to manufacturer. A simple question to ask is whether the barrier you're getting was designed and specially made to hold up in the harsh chemical environment of a hot tub.

Spa covers are designed to function as a whole, with every element having importance. The barrier is a key element in extending the life of your hot tub cover by as much as a year or two compared with a standard, basic cover.

Hot Tub Cover Depot is a pioneer in the spa cover industry. As of spring 2008, we are the first to offer Design-Your-Own hot tub covers. This allows the customer to select the spa cover features they need for their specific environment.


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